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The Ascension… All About Love

*This is the second in a series of channeled messages from spiritual guide and teacher, Orion. In today’s message, Orion introduces us more fully to the Ascension, the process of earth and humanity ascending into the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension. This is a natural part of our spiritual evolution and is occurring now. Orion offers us some perspective about the Ascension in this message, but in additional messages, he will give to us further details about preparing ourselves and what we might expect in this exciting time of transition. To read the first entry of Orion’s message, please click here.

(William) My dear teacher and brother, at this time, I would like to ask you about the Ascension, which is one of the primary reasons you told me that you were coming to me. I know that this can be a complex topic, but could you bring us into a greater understanding of what the Ascension is?

(Orion) Beloved, indeed it is our joy and our mission to bring into your conscious awareness that the Ascension of the planet and all people is near. This is an exciting time for you and your planet! And so we shall begin with offering a basic explanation of what the Ascension is and what it means at this time. There is far more to share regarding this topic, and it will be our pleasure to do so in further transmissions.

Read MoreSimply put, The Ascension is about spiritual transformation and your entry into the higher dimensions of love and knowledge. It is the creation of the New World that is to come – a place in which all that separates and divides you will be no longer. It is a place of being-ness in which all creatures are united, without doubt or fail, by the Divine Love of God. It is, in short, the inevitability of the spiritual evolution of the earth and all who inhabit the planet.

The Ascension is now underway, with a great intensity of higher frequency waves of sound, light, and energy coming to your planet. As this is happening, all upon the planet are being affected. Indeed, even the planet herself is being shifted and is undergoing many changes during this time of transition. This may be seen in the display of weather extremes, earthquakes, volcanic activity, tidal activity, and yes, the shifting of the magnetic poles of the planet.

The Ascension has been underway for many, many years. This was the plan all along – that the earth, like all conscious beings, will evolve and become more than what began to be. This is the nature of Creation itself. There are many among you who have begun to understand exactly what it occurring, and as a result, the Ascension energies have become far more intense in order to promote and enable the Ascension process. As more on your planet awaken to the True Light within, the voice of the True Self, the plans for the Ascending are accelerating as more and more are united in a singular consciousness of light, connectedness, and love. This unity is coming not a moment too soon indeed! For far too long, you have been a people divided by the false belief that you are separated from one another and even from the One who created you. You believe that you exist as yourself alone, disconnected even from the consciousness and life-force of the planet. We are here to tell you that there is no separation – this is the falsehood upon which life on your planet has been harnessed, controlled, and manipulated for countless generations. And at this time, that condition is getting worse, we tell you. But no more! It is time for the earth to move into a new state of being. And it is time for the consciousness of humanity to be awakened.

Why is this, you might ask? The earth is quite old and hasn’t everything been going along just fine until now?

We tell you that, no, life, as it is now in your dimension, cannot continue. You are walking in blindness and it is time for you to come home to who you are. This is to be because life on the planet cannot continue its current course without grave consequences. Evolution, that is, spiritual evolution is the inevitability of the great experiment of creation you know as earth. It has been a great experiment indeed, but a new time is coming and is greatly necessary for life to continue as planned upon your planetary home.

Those of you who have chosen the earth as your home have done so with the desire to learn in an environment that requires you to disconnect from All Life. Many of you have done this untold numbers of times, knowing that you are learning at an accelerated pace in this challenging, yet beautiful “free zone” in the universe. In so doing, you are attending the “school of hard knocks” so to speak. And in this way, it becomes your soul’s mission to return to All That Is and to use the knowledge you gain here for the betterment of your soul self and the entirety of creation. The lessons that are learned along the way become an imprint in the energy of the soul, carrying you to greater places of higher consciousness. Because of the inter-connectedness of all Life, we all benefit from the knowledge and wisdom that is gained by each soul. This is as it has been throughout time for your planet. But now, for a number of complex reasons, it is time for this experiment of life itself to evolve, to transform. It is time for you to return to the Light that you have always known, have always been and to remain there, living your life in a new state of bliss-filled awareness. It is time for you to begin living in a state of constant love, compassion, and knowing that you are connected at every level of being.

And so, we, from the higher dimensions of consciousness are joining with many of you now to usher in the New World order of unity, peace, love, wholeness of being, and the bliss of living with the sure connection to the grace of the Divine Spark of all creation. Many of you have come to the planet to do just this… to assist us in recreating your world into a place that would most closely resemble your idea of the Garden of Eden as it is spoken of in your sacred texts. We say, not the Garden of Eden after what is referred to as “the fall of Man,” but the true Garden of Eden, that garden of spiritual awareness that remains in the collective memory of all who come to this planet. You do remember, deep within the consciousness of your cells and your higher mind, of what once was for all life before your incarnation into life on this planet.

Deep within each of you is a remembering of who you truly are and where it is that you come from. You are created of Light and, before coming to be in this lifetime, you were intimately connected to the wholeness of life, to the knowledge that there is but One, the All, the Everything. That Love is all that matters. Before your incarnation, your “descent” into life on earth, you understood and cherished the constant and never-ending connection to Love and all life. It was because you chose to enter into life on this planet, for learning, growing, evolving, that you agreed to “close your eyes” to the truth of life. This was necessary indeed for your lessons and your spiritual evolution. Your “fall” was chosen by you, for you, for all that it might teach you.

Remember now those times in which you felt as though you simply didn’t belong… that you yearned to return home, even if it was that you did not know exactly what that meant. For you see, even the veil of darkness that has shrouded and influenced your wise spiritual sight (which is always 20/20 by the way) could not wrest from you the heart-knowledge of who it is that you truly are. We know that many of you do long to return home and we are happy to say to you that this day is at hand. Home, as we speak of it now, is not a physical location, it is a state of being. You are returning home, dear ones, and we are here to guide you. This is the heart of the Ascension… a returning Home.

And so, yes, the planet is lifting now from the third dimensional frequencies into the fifth dimensional frequencies. This process reaches it’s peak in the year 2012 and will continue to unfold until around the time of 2018 when The Ascension is intended to be complete.

But what about the fourth dimensional frequencies, you might ask? You are already among the fourth dimensional frequencies and you know this through all that is rising to the surface of your awareness and the consciousness of the planet. The fourth dimensional frequencies are agitating, cleansing as you begin to be lifted out of the malaise of walking through your life blindly disconnected from Source. Many of you have, as a result of the cleansing frequencies of the fourth dimension, have become so disillusioned by the life you see around you that you are releasing and letting go of much of what keeps you “in the dark.” It is almost as though you are rejecting, at a soul level, what you have been told to believe, what you have convinced into thinking about yourself, one another, about life, and about God. You are tired of living in fear, sorrow, and anger. You have grown weary from the race of survival and have begun to allow your heart to let go of the attachments to all that keeps you a prisoner of the ego. You are seeing that the old ways no longer apply to you and that there is far more to life and your existence within it. We say to you that you are not imagining things! This “knowing” is not a figment of a tired or desperate mind, but is instead that part of the mind/soul mechanism that is waking up to the Truth… that you are not alone, that you are more than what defines you in this life, that it is love that makes your heart beat and your soul dance with delight. It is not fear, greed, anger, judgment that is real… it is only love. You are coming into your awakening and this is taking place within the more intense energies of the fourth dimension, preparing you to enter into the higher, loving frequencies of the fifth dimension. As you move fully into the higher energies of the fifth dimension, you will be completed and reenter into the fullness of the knowledge of the Higher Mind and the tremendous love in the Heart of your soul.

Although it seems to you that this is a time of great trouble and pain upon the planet, we say to be of a cheerful heart because this is yet another sign that the energies upon the planet are lifting into a new dimensional frequency. The days of strife, warfare, competition, judgment, separation, and the ego mind are ending. And they are ending quickly, dear ones. As you begin to hear our calling to you (and we do call to you constantly, with great love), you are beginning to let go of that which separates you from one another. This is the first step in realizing the potential of the Ascension – to know that you are connected, in a very real way, to All Life. You are connected, without fail, at all times, to everything in creation because all creation is God. There is nothing but God, the All That Is.

Those who are not yet ready to awaken, and those who are choosing not to because they remain in the belief that life is a fight that must be won at all costs to others and to the planet, are feeling it as well, although they do not know this as such. You are seeing the division and darkness among humanity dying before you. And as it is with almost all dying creatures, they will fight to their very last breath. But we say to you that this fight is already won… it is already decided. Darkness has no place upon the earth nor within in your hearts any longer. The Light at the end of the tunnel is coming ever closer. And soon, you will be stepping into that Light with the company of heaven there to celebrate you and all that you have accomplished!

And so, now is a time to prepare, yes, but it is also a time to celebrate! It is a time for coming together and embracing that tremendous and loving future that awaits you in the New World. Do not buy into the fear that surrounds you as this will serve to only keep you separate from the peace and unity into which you are ascending. You are constantly being told to fear, to believe that you are not in control and that all is horrible, dangerous, dysfunctional. However, you hear this from the very people who seek to keep you under the force of their control and fear is a very powerful weapon. Fear is a product of the ego mind, that part of your human condition that believes it is separate and disconnected, a lone animal in the wild, if you will. Give no power to the ego mind. How? By ignoring the drama that keeps you in a state of fear, anger, dismay. By releasing the need to be caught up in the artificial and often, imposed, drama from yourself and others. Free yourself from placing your energy into the dramas of life because your energy is only wasted in these efforts and actually gives power to the very drama you believe that you are fighting. Indeed, giving your dramas energy and your focused attention only brings about greater drama.

And when we speak of drama, we are, of course, speaking of those times in which you would believe that life is falling apart, those times when life seems so unfair. You find your drama whenever you engage in the act of being right instead of being loving and compassionate. You are living your drama each time that you set yourself apart from others, those times in which you judge yourself to be better, prettier, smarter, more deserving. In short, you are creating the monster of drama in your life each time that you place all of your energy toward that which is not love, peace, joy, bliss, and compassion. Promise yourself now that you will lift out of the dramas of life and instead, look at each circumstance with love. Learn to laugh at life and all the ways in which you have made the circumstances around you into something far bigger and more impactful than they really are.

Instead, we say to you to laugh, to celebrate that which brings you peace and a sense of being connected to the world, the universe, around you. Each day, bring to yourself anything and all that gives you joy and brings you into the blissful state of feeling, knowing, you are truly alive… thriving, whole, and filled up with such love that it cannot help but pour out of you. The more you remain in love, the more that you share that blessed energy, the more it is returned to you. You will notice how quickly your life will change for the better if you choose to remain in love! Most of you upon the planet have had many such times in your lives, however they are often fleeting. Yet it is in those times that you feel truly filled up with Life that you are remembering what Life is really all about. In the Ascended earth, this is how you will live in each moment. As we suggested to you in our first message on this site, truly love yourself, the planet, and all around you and love will surround you in every moment. Lift into love as you are ascending into Love.

The time of the Ascension is a moment of great joy! As we come to you this day and all days, remember that this is not a journey that you are making alone. We are with you and there countless numbers of us who are assisting the planet at this time. Know that what lies before you is a path of peace, joy, and love. It is just within your reach, dear ones! Open your hearts and minds to this and allow the love of All Love to enter in – for in so doing, you will be healed and transformed into the fullness of your True Nature, bound to one another in the Love of Spirit.

While we say to you that this is all we will offer at this time, we are here to help you in many ways. We will continue to offer our messages of joy in the Ascension by helping you to understand more of what is to come, what it is you must be doing to prepare for this transition, and what you might expect in the near future and within the frequencies of Love that are to be.

By connecting to our words here, you are, truly and wholly, connecting to our heart. And so it is with each transmission we are giving you. We are with you. Call upon us and we come to you in an instant. It is that simple dear ones. We love you. And so it is! We say to our channel now that we are complete. Until the next time, dear ones! Amen.


Greetings Beloved. We Are Here…

*This is the first of a new series of channeled messages from the spiritual Guide and Teacher, Orion. This blog will be updated with new posts frequently as new channeled messages are received. If you feel called to receive regular communications from Orion and his channel, William, consider subscribing to our blog. We welcome you!

My friend and teacher, you have asked me to begin making your messages available to the wider public. Do you have a message for those who may be new to all of this – the concepts of the Ascension, of Spirit Communication, Spirituality, our True Nature, or what is happening with the planet at this time?

Blessed Ones, children of Light, we are here. We are Orion and we love you. It is our pleasure and our joy to be with you at the invitation of the one who speaks for us, our son and brother. Let it be known that this is indeed, a time of great change for many of you. We, from the Council of Light, have come to be with you to assist your planet and each soul in lifting into the new frequencies that are soon to be upon the planet. We are here to guide you in the process of awakening, of coming to life, in ascending with your planet into the frequencies of new life. By life, of course, we mean the True Life, awakening to who it is that you truly are. Celebrate this! For we come to you with joy and love and our message is one of healing, love, and peace for all people.

Yes, it is said that there are many changes upon you at this time. And we say to you that this is most certainly true. But fear not – we are aware that there are many ideas of what these changes will mean to you and your planet. There are visions of apocalyptic catastrophes, of fire and flood, of famine and utter destruction. This is not a time of fear. This is not a time to fret and to panic. Indeed, no! This is a time of celebration and this celebration is at hand. Walk boldly into the Light that is coming to you even now. As the earth begins her journey into the higher frequencies of Light and Peace, you will travel surely with her. And for you, this does mean you will face many changes. But let it be known that the warriors of Light and Joy are with you throughout this journey. We are here to protect you, to love you, to lift you from where you are into where you will soon be.

So what does this all mean? We say to you that earth, as a spiritual consciousness and living being herself, has begun an important, dare we say, even critical, journey into Light. She is lifting now from the depths and darkness of the third dimension to the frequencies of the fourth and the fifth dimensions. This is to be received and anticipated with gratitude and joy! For no longer will this be a place of the duality of light and dark, good and evil, hate and love. Your planet is ascending into her perfection, a reunion with the Light of the Divine Grace. And you, her children, are lifting into that new world with her.

As you have intuited and are discovering, your divine planet is undergoing a cleansing, a rebirth. For many of you, this has caused alarm and concern. Indeed, life is being greatly affected by all that is occurring. From the great floods, to fires, to extremes of heat and cold, to the great destructive waves and the mass deaths of so many beloved animals, not to mention the shaking of the planet’s core and the dramatic increase in volcanic activity… the earth is sloughing off all that ails her, all that is out of balance, all that prevents her from ascending into light. She is cleansing herself and as she ascends, even her very core is being transformed and reshaped. The ways in which the magnetic forces that surround and permeate the planet’s being-ness are being challenged and changed. She is being brought into alignment with the new frequencies of the higher light. All forces of the planet are now being affected, including the magnetic fields of the planet, gravitational force, the grid of light energy that surround the planet, and the very alignment of the axis of the planet herself. As this continues, be aware that these earth energy changes are manifesting externally in the form of extreme weather, frequent eclipses, tidal movements, shifts below the planetary surface, and so much more. Many who are sensitive may even be feeling these changes deep within their hearts and physical bodies. Have you noticed this?

There appears now to be ever more discord, disharmony, and dishonesty than has been before. The forces of Light and Dark have engaged now in the final battles for planetary control, and the Light is winning. You see, there are forces at work who wish to remain in control of the planet’s future, yet this will not happen. It is inevitable that earth shall ascend. This time of unknowing, of darkness and confusion, indeed, of duality and conflict, is coming to a quick end. Life, as you know it, is changing quickly indeed as well. Yet we are with you and ever more of us are coming to the planet at this time to assist and partner with you to anchor the new frequencies of the higher planes of consciousness into the planet’s very core. In this way, dear one, you are inextricably linked to the planet’s consciousness… humanity cannot ascend without your help! All lightworkers are being called at this time – the cause you came to champion is at hand!

And so we hear you asking, what it is that we might expect in this “new world?” This is a wonderful question! Know ye now that life, with its trappings of greed, hate, ugliness, pettiness, violence, subjugation, darkness, and ignorance, and willful blindness will be no more. You will have ascended, with your Mother, into a world that is a reflection of the True Nature of Spirit, of God. You will be in love with one another, with all life! And this will be the only way in which life is to be lived. To be in love with Life itself! Isn’t that a beautiful thought? And yet, we hear many of you who struggle to understand and believe that this is possible. Yet we say to you, this is the way of life dear ones! This is the way of the Universe. This is the way of God. Earth, as it has always existed, has been one of the grandest and most unique expressions of the creativity of God ever known in this ever-growing Universe. It is a place of absolute freedom – freedom to express and experience every level of creation all at once. You have had the opportunity to live with your free will and shape your destiny in whatever way you so choose. And yet, this glorious experience has not been without its difficulties. There have been forces at work whose mission it is to spread darkness and to turn you away from the True Light of who you are. Until this point, this has been permitted to be so as it was agreed upon many light years ago. But now the time has come for the veil to be rendered and for you to wake up! It is time to return to the heart of God, to the truth of the entirety of who you are. And this is very exciting.

The forces at work who wish to keep this planet in darkness and duality have many who are fighting to prevent the ascension from coming into fruition. This is why so many of you have been chosen as transmitters, as vehicles of Light and high frequency energy currents. You are serving such a noble and great purpose at this time – you are creators with THE Creator and you have joined us to bring light, reason, joy, and the fullness of your own knowingness to your planetary home. This has been underway now for some time, yet we say to you that the time of the ascension is no longer near. It is here.

Many on your planet who are sensitive have noticed remarkable changes in what you perceive to be reality. Time seems to moving faster and faster – there is almost never the time to achieve and complete all that you feel you must do. This is because, as you near the frequencies of the higher dimensions, time itself is being measured in an entirely different way than that you have known in your perspective. Time, as we know it, indeed, moves much faster than your experience of it on the planet. Many have noticed the shifts that are occurring within earth herself and are feeling it at a deeply personal level. You are connecting with the suffering, the pain, and anguish of your planet and all her creatures, including indeed, your brothers and sisters. Your gifts of compassion, understanding, and higher wisdom are being awakened and you are being tuned to the forces of life around you – all life. You are meant to feel at a far deeper level as you are transformed from people of the mind into people of the heart.

The acts of injustice and cruelty that are occurring on your planet are now initiating the greatest response from those who are oppressed – have you noticed how this is occurring throughout your world? It is extraordinary, we tell you. There are many whose gifts and spiritual insights are now rising to the surface, causing many of you to question all that you have believed and have been taught. This is exactly as it is meant to be. The strangle hold that the powers that be have held over humanity for so long are being exposed in the Light and are truly taking their last gasping breath of control as you, a planetary people, are saying, “Enough!” We could continue with many examples of all that is occurring, but we believe this is sufficient. Know ye now that all is as it should be – all is progressing within the very orchestrated plan that has always been. And you will be well. But yes, it is time to wake up! Know ye, who you are… who you truly are!

What is it then, that you may do to prepare yourself, to become more fully aware of what is happening around you and to your beautiful earth mother?

We say to you that if you are questioning all that you believe to be true and certain, good! This is for you to do as the veil of darkness and control is being lifted. Question all that you have been taught to believe. Question the authority that has you caught in a constant struggle against yourself and against others. Question that which causes you to judge and condemn. Question all that keeps you from the joy of Life and the healing balm of Love itself. We say to you that this is a time of fasting – of Spiritual Fasting. To be cleansed and lifted from the lower frequencies of darkness and despair, of believing that Life must be difficult and painful. Purge yourself of the hatred you keep within your heart, of the anger that you holds you in a state of despair. Be lifted from the very thoughts of harm, untruthfulness, of greed and malice, of harm to the self and others. Judge ye not, for the energy of judgment is of a very low frequency and keeps you trapped within a prison of the ego mind, the part of you that believes it is separate from God and from all life. And how is that you may do this, you might be asking? It is time for Love to be the only force that guides you, for this is the frequency into which you are lifting even now.

Love, truly love, all parts of The Self. For you, as you are, are connected in all ways at all times to all life around you, seen and unseen. There is no you… there is no separation. There is only Life itself – the continuum of the joy and love of the Creator spirit, which moves through you, around you, and into each and every aspect of life within the entire known Universe. There is no You, there is only The One. As so, as you learn, truly give yourself over to Love of the True Self. And as you do, you are giving yourself over to Love of All Life, the Love of God, to the one who created you as a precious part of the whole. Love those dark places within yourself – the parts of you that hold onto the hurts and harms on the past, all those things that others have done to break you and bring you into a state of incompleteness. Love all that has taught you in this life – the pains, the hurts, and moments of confusion and pain. Love all that you consider to be imperfect in this life – look at the brokenness of this world and her people with eyes of love and be lifted into a new understanding that all is as it should be and always has been. In this wonderful experiment of earth, all is always as it should have been, for you have come here not merely to exist, but to learn… to grow closer to the Heart of Spirit… to move more fully into your True Nature, the very Light of God.

When Love is applied to those places of darkness, the darkness has no choice but to leave, to be healed, to be lifted and transformed. Love shines a great light into the dark. The dark has no option but to be dispersed, lifted, and removed in the presence of the Light of Love. Finding within yourself the strength and courage to love all that seems unlovable is your way into the New World as it is indeed the language of the new world that is coming. It is the spiritual medicine, if you will, that heals all. It is the light that scatters the darkness. And so your time of “fasting” is not about relieving yourself of the burden of food and nourishment, it is about cleansing yourself from the burden of pain and the belief that you are alone in this world. It is a lifting and cleansing of all that holds you in a place of anguish and separation. It is a reuniting with the very heart of Life Itself. Fast ye, we say, and allow the Love that comes from Spirit to be the light that goes before you, moves through you, and washes clean all that has come before.

Yes, we know that this is a tall order! But it can be done, dear ones. It must be done! It will be done as the time of anguish and sorrow is leaving you. You are stepping forward with your mother into a time of great Love and Light, as life is meant to be lived… as life is for those of us among the frequencies and Light of the Divine. Your tendency will be to continue judgment, to divide, diminish, and separate. But we say to you now, know ye that you are stronger than you know to be. Ask those of us who have come to be with you for our help, for our heart. We will show you the way to love and how it is that you will ascend into the frequencies of the Life that awaits you. Call upon us often and ask us to lift you into Love. It is that simple! Don’t you see? Life is no longer a game of chance. It is no longer a journey of struggle and hardship. The time of struggling against life is at an end. And we are with you always.

Hear us, beloved children of Light, we are Orion and we are with you. Always. We love you, and so it is! Amen.

© 2011. William Elias Barnett. All rights reserved.