Earth Changes and the Great Shift

August 4, 2011. The message from Orion this day prepares us to understand all that is happening with our planet and ourselves as the earth begins to shift into the higher frequencies of the Ascension. His is a beautiful, yet informative message of love and preparation. Read on!

(William) I would like to ask you today about the earth changes that are upon us now and will be continuing as we enter into the time of the Great Shift, or the Ascension.

(Orion) Indeed beloved. Know that it is our honor to be with you and to offer through you our words of welcome and love to all who are receiving this communication. We love you all and we wish for you the lifting and rising up into the peace and the light that is to come.

We see that it is true that many of you are wondering now about the predictions and stories of the end of the planet Earth. This is not to be so, and so we say to you to place no energy into the stories of calamity and complete destruction. Yes, it is so that the earth will be going through a transition as she ascends into the fifth dimensional frequencies. But as it is with all living organisms, to change is to be transformed. As it is it understood with natural evolution, the change that occurs in evolution may be most clearly defined as a transformation: one being transforming into that which is greater than its history. This has been true with all life upon the planet and indeed, this is true of the planet herself at this time. It has always been true that this would be what was to occur for the planet and all who inhabit your place within the galactic consciousness.

Before we begin to share with you that which we see as possible, and that which will occur in the changes that are to unfold upon your planet, we wish to share with you what it is that you are becoming in this process. Your life now will be but a dream after the time of the Great Shift. Gone will be the days of sorrow and darkness as you ascend, with your earth mother, into the higher light frequencies that comprise the fifth dimension of universal life. You are ascending, even now, into that which we call your Light Body… the framework of energy, sound, and light that encompasses your entire physical existence. Even your aura is contained within the Light Body. And it is through the Light Body that you will enter into the new dimensional reality that is set before you.

Once your ascension has been completed, your reality will be altered in many ways – some subtle and some quite dramatic. Your lives of darkness, hardship, and sorrow will be a distant memory when compared to the life of light that you will be living. There will no longer be a physical connection to these denser emotional energies as your body and consciousness will simply be vibrating at too high a level to integrate and resonate with the darker emotions of hate, anger, violence, separation, and judgment. You will arrive into the fifth dimension as a closer example of that which you were always meant to be: people of the Light. The world around you will actually look quite similar to the one in which you currently live. Yes, many of your structures will remain – those that do not interfere in the harmony and well-being of the life of the planet. Yes, much of the plant and animal kingdom will be ascending with you. And yes, many of those that you know now will be rising into the same plane of reality you will be. And yet, much will have changed. You, in your Light Body, will be far more aware of the life around you – not only within your dimensional frequency but in those that are higher. Your blindness will be no longer after your Ascension as you will see the Truth before you and realize that you are a living, breathing part of that Whole Truth. Indeed, even your physical vehicle will take on a luminescence, a lightness, as the Light within will be seen and felt by all, including you dear ones.

Manifestation, too, takes on new meaning within the new frequencies. The days of longing for goodness in your life, only to fall prey to disappointment once this goodness is never manifested, are gone. Your thoughts will have far greater power than they do, even now. You will become a creator with The Creator, knowing that it is your thoughts that shape the true reality around you. And so, as you wish, it will be done. But it is that in this higher frequency, all that you wish for will be only of the light and will serve only the Higher Good of all. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Your very thoughts will be transformed and reshaped thereby transforming and reshaping the reality that you live. Your reality will be a reflection of all that you think and feel. And your conscious reality will be one of great abundance, joy, health, and love and your life will be a reflection of those Light thoughts. You will celebrate the life around you and rejoice in your connection to all life, to All That Is. In short, your existence itself becomes brighter in the Light of the True Sun. This is something you should put into practice now, dear ones, and affirm that you are all the power that you need to move beyond survival and into the life you desire in the time to come!

Indeed, there are many changes to come and so we say to you to be patient, yet anticipate the joy that lay before you. Even in this time of change and tumult, it is not a time to be fearful, for in so doing, you bring only more fear to your life… you will slow your transition into Light. This is how powerful you are, even now! This is not a time to separate yourself, to withdraw from the world. No! It is a time to reach out, to join together and to lift yourselves, united, to the Light… to Love. It is a time to acknowledge, finally and forever, your connections and realize, finally and forever, that there is but pain in being separated from one another and from your True Source. In your connections to each other and to the All That Is, you will find only Love.

It is true that there will be those who will perish in the coming days, but this is the way it was and is meant to be. All is in its good and proper alignment as we move forward with the plans for The Ascension. Those that will leave the planet before this process is complete were meant to leave for a number of reasons. They know this, at their soul level, and so it is that they will not fight to stay. Their time upon the earth is coming into its completion. Let this be done and we say to you to bring no sorrow to these events. For even in their leaving, they are reconnected to whom it is that they know themselves to be on the other side as they come into the Divine Light.

And there are those who will remain once the Ascension transition is moving toward completion. There will be those who refuse, by their own free will, to enter into the higher frequencies of love and light. They are comfortable where they are and believe that this is where their place in the Universe is. They will be given many opportunities to ascend, but we say that it is certain that some will remain in order to hold onto what they value in the life they currently live. And so it will be that they will find their way at another time of their choosing. We do not force this transformation, this spiritual evolution, upon anyone. We, instead, welcome those who do choose to rise up and ascend into the new life that awaits.

But before your transition may be complete, it is right and necessary for the earth – a living, conscious being herself – to cleanse and prepare for her time of transformation. Like many of you, she is doing what must be done to lift into the higher realms of consciousness. She is sloughing off the denseness of her own pain. She is reaching now for the light – and many of you can feel this, we know. You are becoming aware of the increase in earth activity as witnessed in severe and often catastrophic storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, drought, floods, disease, the death of many of earth’s creatures, including humans. This is all a part of the plan that cannot be avoided. It is right and necessary. Just as many of you might consider a cleansing diet or changes in your lifestyle to alleviate those symptoms that plague you, your earth must do what is necessary to cleanse and prepare as she reaches into the Light. And thus, it has begun.

The magnetic fields that surround the planet are being shifted, intensified, and reconfigured to allow for the planet’s transition into light. In other words, we, the beings of Light who have come to the aid of the planet and humanity, have been at work for some time constructing a framework of light energy, sound, and frequency that assists the planet and all people through the Ascension. This light grid also allows us to match our higher frequency to that of the planet, permitting us to come ever closer as necessary to complete this Earth Project and to awaken the people of the earth. As a result of the shifting magnetic light frequencies that surround and permeate the earth, the creation forces at work on your planet are being greatly affected. This is a natural response as the earth must adjust herself to begin matching the new frequencies that are being anchored around and through the planet. Your planet, simply put, is evolving into a higher frequency and there are necessary changes that must occur for this to happen.

As humans, you have had many instances in your life when an event caused you to change course abruptly. And yet you found great joy that came from the changes in your life. We point this out because this is similar to what the planet is experiencing now, yet on a much larger scale. When you have let go of that which no longer serves you, you make room for all that is to come – the joy, the abundance, the happiness, the ease of living. In short, your human frequency has shifted and changed a number of times throughout your life. And as it does, you, yourself, shift and begin to draw to yourself that which is more harmonious for your personal frequency. This includes new people, new opportunities, new lessons. The lessons of your past are no longer applicable to you. They are no longer felt as your vibration is no longer compatible with the frequencies of the past. You no longer act as you did when you were a child. Why is that? Because as you learned the lessons of your growing, you changed more than your behavior. Most of you have altered your frequency with each lesson learned. But in shifting your frequencies with the learning of your life lessons, this often created difficulty and many challenges and changes in your life. You had to let go of the old, which is often painful. Such it is for the earth at this time. She is adjusting in her frequency, which in turn causes her the pain of her own growing. And you, dear ones, being inextricably linked to your mother, will experience her pain as well. This being said, it is a time of your cleansing and shifting as well. Do you see now how you are connected to the very heart of your planet?

As the frequency of your planet is shifting, elevating, these changes cause the physical structure of the planet to shift. Indeed, we tell you that the magnetic poles of the planet are shifting, allowing for the earth to be in alignment with the new frequencies that are arriving. This may now be confirmed by your own scientists. Until the time that the poles have completed their realignment, the earth herself will undergo a series of physical changes that will be felt by all people. You are already noticing an increase, sharply, in earthquakes, many of which are quite severe. Those to come will continue at this level of severity and will be occurring more often. The destruction will be felt worldwide as the people of the planet will be awakened to the reality of their very fragility. You will no longer be able to deny how closely linked your life is to the health and well-being of the planet.

You will note also what appears to be the mass death of many of the planet’s creatures. This is a sad event for many, as it will affect life on the planet deeply. Many simply do not understand, nor believe in, the complexity of the interconnectedness of life on the planet. One cannot live and thrive without the other. This is the way that it has been from day one. There is also to be an increase in volcanic activity, with even a number of those thought to be extinct and dormant coming to life once again. And be aware of the atmospheric changes that may be expected as the result of the increased eruptions from the volcanoes of the planet.

Sources of clean water and adequate food will become far more scarce, leading to fear, panic, and widespread starvation and disease among many around the world. These events alone will topple the leadership of many governments as they will no longer be able to control the will of the people, especially when the will of the people is to survive and assert their freedom. Indeed, these governments are meant to fall and they will. Control and fear cannot stand before the Light and continue. Human law that seeks to control, subvert, and subjugate the will of the people will not stand in the New World.

The pollution that has gripped the planet in environmental desperation for so long will finally lead to the depletion of what is necessary to live a healthy and easy life on the planet. As more of the planet’s resources are contaminated by the pollution of humanity, the struggle for control of the resources that are left will lead to many battles upon the planet.

The extremes in temperature will also be noticed around the globe. These extremes further complicate life with an increase in destructive storms and unpredictable weather patterns. We see flooding that will continue within many areas of the world in addition to the coastal regions of the earth’s landmasses. Drought, too, will become more widespread. As people are displaced, the struggle to accommodate the needs of all will become more imperative, leading you to a moment of great choice that will be placed upon all of you… will you choose cooperation or your own peril? We say to you that the choice is always yours, but the resulting consequences will be shared by all if the planetary people do not wake up to the Light that is before them… to wake up to the Love that connects all conscious beings.

In addition to the shifting planetary axis, look for instances of solar activity from your sun star. These bursts of energy will cause interruptions in the earth’s technologies and your grid structures will be chiefly affected. This will cause the earth’s people to learn to live without the conveniences that ultimately have caused such dire conditions in nature and to understand how much humans have come to rely upon the external constructs of others who do not necessarily have your best interest at heart. You will learn to rely upon one another, to understand that you can no longer live within your own private bubble and survive the coming changes. It is through cooperation, peace with one another, helping others, that you will find your way to the Light. You will be awakened within the truth of the Love that will be known by all who choose to turn away from lives of separation and fear and reach forward into the Love of the Light.

In the shifting of the land masses, the changes to your environment, and the coming together that will result, the spiritual gifts innate in all humans will begin to be awakened en masse. You will no longer be guided only by your five senses as your spiritual senses such as seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling will be activated in the new and ever-increasing frequencies. As a result, the knowledge of continents and people who have come before will be realized, putting to rest the doubts of the mysteries and the intergalactic history of the planet and how this planet truly came to be. Your awakening knowledge and undeniable extrasensory gifts will cause you to question a great deal of the history of your planet as it has been told to you, which we say to you is a good thing. It will cause you to question how it is that you came to be. You will reconnect to the ancient wisdom, knowing, finally, who it is that you are and how it is that you came into this life from those places you once have been. You will begin to see and understand that life is a continuum, that it is never-ending, that your consciousness has existed as it has meant to for a millennia throughout the galaxies. And you will know at last that you are not alone. We say to you that this is a very good thing as control will finally be torn away from the dark ones of your planet and returned to the masses.

This, dear ones, is but only a glimpse of all that is occurring and will occur to you and the planet at this time and the time to come. Know that we share this with you not to frighten you, but to help you to understand the necessity of what is happening in order to move you into the frequencies of your New Life… the life that is waiting for you. You, dear children of light, will ascend with your mother. You will choose to lift into the Light that is before you, the Light that will carry you from a life of struggle into a life of peace and great joy. There is no use in fearing that which is upon you, for this is a gift! You are being given the opportunity to transform in a unique and most beautiful way. You will bear witness to the change that is coming and will see, first hand, the unfolding of the will of Creation and the knowledge that has been lost to you for so long. This is the way it was to be all along!

We ask you to remember that this is not a journey you are making alone. We are with you, as are millions of our brothers and sisters of Light. And more of us are coming in day by day. We are with you in love and light, caring for you, speaking to you, leading you to the Light. In the time to come, you will know us, not only by our words, but through your sight. When the time is that you are ready to receive us, you will be truly reunited with us as we celebrate throughout the galaxy all that has become of this beautiful and amazing creation of the planet earth. You will see us, you will know us. And it will be as though we have never been apart! In your New Life, you will be reunited with yourself, with the God within, with the God that is in all Creation. This is the creation that stands with you even now, embracing you in the warmth and care of our love. It is only a short time when your awareness will be lifted to such a degree that you will see and know all who are truly with you, all that surrounds you in each moment. And it will be a time of great celebration.

And so, dear ones, we say to you not to place your fears and angst into what comes before you for all is in its proper order. Our plan, the plan of the Creator and the galactic beings of light who have come to this place at this time for the purpose of completing this project, this Earth Project, is coming into its completion and it has been so for some time. We, your family of light, know that great change can often bring about great fear. Yet we say to you that what is to come is a time of peace, knowledge, understanding, and the connectedness that has been missing from your lives for so very long. Call upon us for comfort and wisdom. Allow us to help you in the time of your transition. Invite us to be with you to lift you out of fear and pain. We are with you at any time that you call. Call upon us through the love of your heart and know that we are with you. And it is that we look forward to the day that is to come soon… the day in which we will know one another in love and in peace. And so it is. We are Orion and we love you.


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