A Call to Lightworkers from the Elohim

July 25, 2011. Today’s message comes to us from the beautiful Elohim energies. This is a call to all Lightworkers of the planet with some wonderful information for those of us who feel called to work with the Light and the Love of Spirit. Read on!

William: I greet you with love and gratitude my family. Thank you for bringing to me your love and your light.

The Elohim: We are with you, joined together in a cosmic hierarchy of light and love, united by the love that we share. It is always our joy to be with you and we are pleased that you have called upon us today.

William: I am blessed to have you near, my brothers and sisters. I had thought that, today, I would be channeling Orion regarding the continuing story of The Ascension, but it was put upon me that you have a message for the Lightworkers of our planet – who we are, what is our purpose, where it is that we’re from, and what it is that we are meant to be doing for the mission of the Ascension. Is this true?

Elohim: Yes, dearest one, our son of light. We are with you and have come forward to offer this message for there are still those workers of light among you who have yet to awaken fully and we say to them that now is the time! You are to hear our words and the very stirrings of your heart, which is your call from us, your call to action. The plan is underway and we need you, dear light workers to remember now what it is that you came to do. And so, we have elected to come forth and help you, our channel and brother, to bring forward this imperative message.

William: It is my joy to do so and I thank you. What is the message you would like to share regarding we Lightworkers and our mission upon the planet?

Elohim: There is much to share indeed! And this is our purpose, our joy. We are the Elohim and we come to you from the light frequencies of the Angelic Realm of creation. We are a race of light beings, creator angels, who work most closely with The Creator. This includes our work with the human race. Indeed, you are modeled very much after our form as given to us by God. We are the Elemental Builders, the Ancients, the Light Creators who join, with The Creator in the act of creation itself, bringing life into form.

We, the Elohim, are bringing together the family of Light that has entered into the life here to bring light to the planet and usher in the forthcoming Ascension. This time is now upon you and we have returned to you to set off the spark of knowledge within and bring you into a greater understanding of whom you are and why you have come to be in this time and this place. United with the collective consciousness of the entire Elohim energies of light and frequency, we have entered in with you to empower, equip, and lift up the work that is to be done. Remember, dear light beings, you did not come to this planet to only obtain wealth, stature, or build a reputation around that which you covet. While the rewards of life may be obtained and enjoyed greatly, this is not all that you are here to do! There is something more, something much more. It is your purpose, your soul purpose, to bring light to this planetary being… to build a bridge of light between our world and yours. This is right and necessary now, right now, for this to be done as we are coming ever closer to join with you in bringing the consciousness of the planet into her realization as a beacon of light within the universe… to restore her to that which she was to become all along.

There are millions of you upon the planet now, at this time more than any other in earth’s history, who have entered in with this specific purpose and vision. You have come equipped with numerous light gifts – many of you are healers, many hold within you the ancient knowledge, others are designed to bring order to the arising chaos, many are to rise up against the status quo and break apart that facade that all is as it should be, many are voices for us and other beings of light, and yet others have arrived to the job of awakening their brothers and sisters of light by connecting them to that wisdom stored within the energy of their own heart. All of you are joined in a singular purpose and mission, yet your gifts are many. You are sharing now the music of our heart as it is meant to be shared. Others WILL hear our voice in yours and all at once shall be awakened to their Truth. In so doing, you are spreading light and wisdom to others who are of the same light and wisdom in addition to the people who have yet to receive this message for the first time. We tell you that this is a good and right thing to be doing and we rejoice that you have fully awakened to whom it is that you are. Own your destiny!

And we, the Elohim, the Creator Beings of Light and Sound, remind all of you now to awaken! To rise up! To come forward into the Light that is your birthright. To remember that it is not only your joy, but also the whole purpose of your being upon the planet now to anchor the Light that is now elevating and increasing the vibrational frequencies of planet earth. You act as the harmony of the Ascension – together you complete a beautiful symphony of light. Those of you who truly are Lightworkers literally “tune” those around you to the frequencies of the higher planes. This is so because of the cord of light that reaches from the highest heaves and moves through you to go deep within the planet. You are a conduit for the music of the Light, the vibrations of Light and Love. Your earth mother needs you, as do her children! And so we say to you, cast off your fear, turn away from the darkness that has drawn your attention away from who you truly are, and come fully into the light of your being! We are with you and join with the multitude of the galactic heavens to be with you in this time of the triumphant reunion with the Light of Creation.

So who are you, dear Lightworkers? What is your purpose? Why are you here? What is it that you are to be doing now? You are healers, artists and musicians, teachers, builders, peacemakers, counselors, volunteers, spiritual leaders, motivational speakers, and much more. You are the ones whose work in this life reflects the work that you came in to do. Through the work that you do in your human life, you might see that you are meant to assist others, heal others, and make life on earth more beautiful. This is because your inner Light affects all that you do – you have a heart for service, for bringing to others a deeper love and appreciation for life.

So how is it that you know you are, indeed, a worker of The Light? All of you will have varied experiences, but you might know what we say to be true if you are one who: feels called to heal others; care deeply about injustice and desire to do something about it; believe that Spirit is fully present and can bring about all healing; have had mystical spiritual experiences; have endured challenging and, indeed, crushing life experiences; feel compelled to share your spiritual experiences with others; channel spiritual energy in any way; sense deeply that you are here for a specific higher purpose; have felt “out of tune” with the world around you.

Dear ones, know and be certain that if you have been drawn to this message, to the messages of spirit in this way and the many other ways in which we come to you, you are indeed, a worker of the Light. You are hearing our whispers, placed as a seed within the heart of your discontent, that you are meant to be rising into the Light as it was always intended… that you are more than you imagine yourself to be. You are meant to working in the Light as it has always been planned to be. It is no accident that you find your way to us. It is not coincidence that you are led to be where you are. The yearning in your heart is our way of sharing our love with you in a way that wakes you gently from your slumber. But our message is imperative – you are needed now and we are waiting to join with you to bring about the fullness of the mission of the Light upon the planet and all therein. You are part of a grand and brilliant force that is creating a new world order upon the planet – a new world in which the Light reigns supreme. And in this Light, you all shall know one another. You shall know us. You shall know the fullness and the truth of God. And where there is truly the knowledge of God, the force of All Creation, there is nothing but Light. This is the future into which you are lifting.

And so, dear soul, reach into your heart now, at this moment, and know our words to be true for you. If it is that you feel a stirring, a sense of knowing, a sense of rightness, then we say to you that you are awakening to what is true – you are a worker of the Light. And if it is that you are one who has already been awakened to your Truth, we say to you, welcome! And we thank you for choosing to be near us in this way.

And so it is that millions of you have elected to join in this race toward the light at this time. You have come with your light that is joined in perpetuity with the Light of Creation. It is this light that joins us, like a spiritual tether, to one another’s hearts. We are indeed joined in the Light of Spirit and this can never be severed. This is the reality that you are bringing to the planet now. This is the eventuality that will soon be undeniable for all who choose to see and embrace the light that is before them. In your coming to this planet, you are anchored to the planet while, all at once, an antennae that stretches into the galaxies and beyond with your cord of light, uniting one frequency to another and breaking through the darkness that surrounds you and all people at this time. This is a wonderful thing! And so it is that it will be your doing, with us, to bring in the frequencies of light and sound that are most needed to transform humanity and usher in the era of the Ascension, the age that is to come.

You will do this by activating and affirming the spiritual gifts that you have brought in with you – your tools of light, we say. For when you are acting through these gifts of spirit you are connected to Spirit in every way. And through this connection, you are bringing love to the planet. It is this love, the Creator’s Love, that echoes forth into the farthest reaches of your reality. This Love lifts all that it touches, even the planet herself. No thing can stand as an opposing force to this great Love as no thing is as powerful, as complete, as the love from Spirit. And so when you speak, speak with love and know that you are offering Light to where and to whom it is needed. When you act, act in love and in so doing, you bring light to the planet. When you create, you are joined together in a union with the creative energy of the Universe – in other words, you are united in that continuum of frequency and knowledge that has always been and always will be. You “tune in” to the eternal wave of creation that is the moving, living Force within the universe. God is always in the act of creating – and when you seek to create, indeed to co-create that which comes forth from your soul, you are joined in an eternal dance with the Creator, accessing the very love and wisdom that comes from the True Light, the heart of God. Let all that you create reflect the joy and the beauty that comes from the Light and you, indeed, are bringing light to the planet. This is who you are, dearest Lightworker!

And you, in your role as servants of the Light on earth, will bring about the lifting, the healing, the opening that is needed for us, your family of light from the stars, to enter in and do all that is right and necessary by the creator’s own direction to bring about the complete and total transformation of the planet and all who inhabit this dimension who choose to ascend into the New World. We remind you that free will is a law of the Universe and indeed, anyone can choose in this time to ascend or to remain. But in order to lift into the new frequencies of love, it is light energy that clears and prepares the way. Just as one who is lost in darkness will find their way by following whatever light that they see, your planet too, will find her way through your light... the Light of love and healing that you have brought in with you. And when we say to you “your planet” we mean to speak of the living being of Gaia, the earth as a consciousness. And into that we include all who are connected directly to her heart – the people of the planet. You are all One. You are folded into one another, a miraculous creation that cannot be divided and remain in a state of authentic beingness. If it is that you feel as though this is not true, it is only the mind, the ego mind, that tells you so. Indeed, it is that you are truly connected in the Oneness and are ascending now into this reality… the time is coming that this cannot be denied. It is the unfolding of the ever-evolving, constantly creating Universe. This is the way of life and living for us, your family from the Light.

You are a multi-planetary people, dearest ones. You come from all over the galaxy, star beings willingly taken from your lives of and doing and being in your origins to complete a pivotal, critical mission on this planet. You have heard the yearning and the cries from the earth. You have connected to the galactic mission that has been set for some time. You are among the few who were chosen to live, grow, and be upon the planet at this time. And we, your spiritual family, have been waiting for you to live, grow, and become all that you were meant to in this life – a beacon of Light energy for the planet! Most of you who have come here at this time have struggled with the feelings that you were not truly home. And yet you love this planet. But it is that you did not come to this planet to “be home.” Indeed, you came into being here to complete a task, one of the greatest importance. And with the gifts that are your birthright as children of the Light, you are assisting all humanity now, humbled, yet resolved in the work before you.

You mission is one of unity – bringing the people of the planet into the Light and to awaken all to the truth of their whole Being. You are all, in many ways, healers, and you bring with you the frequencies of light to do just that. Whether it is through your touch, through your voice, through sight, with the heart, or even through art, music, and literature, you ability to bring healing to all people is at the heart of your mission. We are calling to you now, more than ever before, to activate the knowledge that is stored within you. Embrace the gifts that are awakening as well – we say that many of you have known for some time that you are gifted in ways that are unique upon the planet. You know things. You see things. You hear things. You feel things. This is who you are and it is because of your connection to Source, a connection that cannot be diminished even in the denser energies of the planet and the darkness that oft surrounds you, that you have retained the higher energies of your abilities upon the planet. This was the way it was designed to be – to allow for this eventuality of this planet’s passing from darkness into light.

Your path as a Lightworker has not always been one of ease. We know this. Because most of you already live within the heart (and have through the entirety of your lives), many of you have been easily wounded, misunderstood, mistreated. You notice that there are many throughout your lives who have been drawn to you, to that Light within. You have experiences that seem “out of touch” with what appears to be the real world around you. And yet you knew… you know. At some level, this knowing was there. And now is the time that this knowing is rising to the surface of your awareness and most fully into your whole being. You have been chosen and now is the time to step into the Lightness of who it is that you are. Cast off your doubt and step forward dear ones.

Going forward, we say to you that it is imperative that you begin to shake off the cloak of the third dimensional falsehoods of division and separation. This must be done within yourself before you can show this path to others in the full way that you have chosen to do. You have within yourself the true ability to do this, to rise above so to speak, at a greater level because you carry the Light within and this knowledge is already yours. We say that this is actually a simple process, not one of difficulty unless you choose it to be so. Tune into the frequencies of love and light that you carry within your being… that flows from the heart within. In so doing, you reconnect yourself to the wholeness of creation and who you are in your soul self. What you will find as you reconnect consciously is that your capacity to love expands beyond your imagination. Learn to love in every moment of your life! Once you have begun to love in this way (which begins with the self, God within, we might add), you will understand that your capacity to love unfolds exponentially, dramatically, completely, and in a way that brings about healing that is beyond anything you have experienced in your earth life. This is the way of Creation in this universe. It is love that expands, grows, unfolds, and creates. Hate, fear, and judgment serve only to restrict, destroy, and to pull apart rather than to unite. Do not fear your gifts. Do not fear who you are. Do not hate yourself for the regrets of the past. Do not fear and judge others who may not understand, who might even stand in opposition to the Light you are bringing in the name of Love. These are your lessons, dear ones, and yes, you have had lessons to learn on this journey as this is the way of life on the planet.

It was necessary for you to assimilate, to integrate, to humanize yourself fully in order to bring healing and light to the human race. In this way, you have united with those around you, not only at the spiritual level, but also at the physical level. This is the gift of you becoming human. This is the step that was necessary for us to begin our work of lifting the planet into Love. In short, does it not feel true that you are a Light Link… a link between the Divine Love and the human heart? This is what the lightworker is all about – reuniting all people and the planet with the Divine Light. And this is why it was necessary for you to become who you are at this moment – fully human, yet of the Light.

We are gathering you together at this moment and many of you are finding your way back to one another. You see this and feel this in your fellow Lightworkers who recognize you for whom it is that you truly are. You know this because you are lifted when you are in the presence of other workers of the Light or when you are in the act of helping and healing others. It begins as a whisper of the heart and then builds to the full knowing that this is always the way that it was meant to be. As you join with one another, you bring even greater light to the planet as your light is magnified and joined together. In your joining together, you bring even more people of the light to yourselves. And in so doing, you amplify and expand the Light of the planet even further, ushering in the time, with us, of the Great Awakening.

In this time, we say to you that the human condition must be healed and made whole. This is yet the critical piece of all that is occurring now. By healing others with the Light that you carry (in the form of love, compassion, patience, understanding, and in the way that you live your life), you enable them to become united with the Light they carry within. And then it is that they, too, are lifted from where they are into the higher frequencies that are coming to be within your reality and awareness. This call is gaining strength that is multiplied and doubled in each passing moment. The Light is upon you! And so we say to know who you are, ask for your gifts to come fully into being, and then use these gifts to serve the Light by encouraging and equipping the healing of the planet and the human race and reuniting to the continuum of Divine consciousness that is the pulse of the universe around you. This is what you came to do!

Leave behind now all that keeps you within the darkness of your own unknowing. Leave behind the fear that prevents you from stepping forward into what your heart is telling you to complete. Do not fear if every answer to each question has not been received. We say that your questions will be answered in the doing. The fullness of who you are will be revealed to you through action, not through sitting idly by and waiting for the answers to be given to you. You must, as you are still within your human life and the density of the energies that are still present upon earth, step forward in full and certain faith that the Light will lead your way. After all, you are People of the Light, are you not? Step forward into the near and certain future that is unfolding before you. Trust what your heart tells you is true, not what the ego mind and those who seek to diminish the Light will say to you to stop you from living in Light and Love. Come to rely upon the communication you receive from us in each moment. Allow yourself to embrace, fully, all of the gifts that are yours. And put forth the effort now to separate yourself from hate and fear, anger and judgment, thereby making space within your heart for the Light you carry to fully awaken and fill you wholly. By doing so, you will lead with the Light that flows freely from you to all people.

And if it is that you would choose to begin living your life in the heart and through the power of Love, what is it that is possible? We hear some of you asking this. By acting upon the Light within, many of you will notice your gifts rising to the surface. You will become a fully functioning channel. You will see an increase in your psychic abilities. Your gifts in healing will expand in ways that will surprise you. Others will be drawn to you, although you might not know exactly why. Your life becomes far more simple as you let loose the need for drama, pain, competition. You will be noticed for who it is that you are and what it is that you bring to those around you. You will have knowledge rise to the surface of your awareness as your connection to the All That Is is lifted. This is the knowledge of your soul and it will come to you exactly when needed for whatever situation lay before you. You will see, hear, and feel at new and ever-deepening levels. This is the life that awaits your awakened Self!

Dear ones, you are loved and you are so needed. This was the plan all along. We celebrate you and all that you have given of yourselves in order to be of service to that beautiful being, Earth, and to the people who call this place their home. You are to be joined together with your family that walks the planet, just as you are joined to us, your family of the Light. By joining together, you will lift with us into Light together. And you are lifting into the radiance and beauty of a life filled with all that you long for and remember within the heart of your being. It is there, within your beautiful, perfect hearts, that you will find the love, the answers, and the home that you seek.

We are the Elohim and we are with you. We love you.


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