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On Spiritual Channeling, from The Elohim

October 1, 2011. The message that came through this day is from the beloved Elohim, the creator Light Angels. They arrived to offer some understanding about the process of spiritual channeling and connecting to Divine Wisdom. Read on for their loving message…

(William) Dearest friends, would you speak to others about the process of spiritual channeling… what it is, how it works, who can do it, and why it is so important?

(The Elohim) Indeed, dear brother, we are most happy to speak to all of you about what you would call the channeled state of being, your birthright, your legacy. For you see, this is not a mystery, although to some, it may seem to be. This act of channeling, of spiritual communication, is vastly simple, elegant, powerful, yet is a skill that may be had by all people of your planet. It is, in the truest sense of the word, a connection to that which is greater than your awareness in the moment. In other words, it is a connection to greater Love. It is a reaching upward and outward, beyond the limitations of your five senses into the true knowledge of the Universe.

Channeling is, for most people, something that appears to be possible for only a few. But we are here to say that this, that we, are available at all times to all people. No one has the market cornered on channeling. It is not the way of the universe to be stingy or exclusive with gifts of the spirit. We are available to you at all times, watching over you, loving you, whispering that which you need to hear and know to live your lives with greater ease and peace. We are your guides, your teachers, your healers, your friends, your family. And when you make the decision to connect to us on a more intimate level, as you have, you activate that part of the mind that resides within the higher self, that part of the mind that knows that of which we speak to be true. And by speaking this truth, you unlock the gateway to the heart of yourself, your soul-self… the heart of compassion and love. For you see, this is who we are… the energies of compassion and love. And we are on your side and at your side in every waking moment.

And so it is, to receive us as you wish, we tell you to simply open your heart to greater love and ask to be connected to us. You do not need to know our names for we know you. Simply call upon us, still the mind, and allow us, through your gracious willingness, to enter into your consciousness. And then, dear ones, listen… tune in… affirm for yourself that we are here present. For we come to you in many ways and this varies from person to person. Some of you will see us, others will hear our voice speaking, yet others will feel us as we connect to your heart and your body consciousness, and yes, yet others again will know us through the wisdom that speaks to you through the quiet of the higher mind. Your heart is our dwelling place, dear ones, for we love you so. Those who insist in keeping their heart closed to the life around them will find it difficult and challenging to know us, to know that we are near because we come on the winds of love. Always, always dear ones, allow your heart to open to All That Is… allow yourself to feel the love that we have for you. And in so doing, your connection to us will be made stronger, more effective.

Now is the time on your planet when the gifts of humanity are beginning to open as they should. Gone are the days of outright fear and panic aimed toward those who claim to receive information from sources unseen. Your people are waking up! And it is so that if you are reading this transmission, this communication as it is being received by our channel, you too, are hearing the voice of your guides who are leading you to explore the inner dimensions of your humanity and your soul-self. There is much to life that you simply do not see because you keep yourselves tuned only to that which surrounds you, that which is within the awareness of your five senses. But we are here… watching and waiting for the time to come that we may be reunited with you as a family of light, as your brothers and sisters.

And so, we say to you that channeling, as it is best defined, is simply having the desire to connect with that which is greater than your current day awareness, opening to Love, and simply intending it to be so. It is your desire that brings us forth initially, and then we begin to enter into your energy field to accelerate and amplify your personal frequency, lifting your energy field into a new dimension of consciousness. This, dear one, is necessary in order for us to join with you in that frequency and transmit the information that you seek in the channeled state. We enter into your energy field through the chakra at the top of the head and yes, most importantly, through the energy field of the heart. After entering into your field in this manner, we then open the energetic pathway located at the back of the head, at the base of the skull. This, we say, is the communication portal through which we bring to you light, wisdom, and understanding. It is not necessary for you to become aware of yourself in such a way that you must draw your energy to these areas, for we do it for you. We do this upon your invitation, upon your calling us in to be with you. Once we have established our frequency link, we begin at that time, to transmit to you, love, joy, peace, wholeness of being before even speaking. It is our intention that sends this forth to you and as you receive it, you are lifted higher in your consciousness, in your frequency. And in time, you will learn to bring in our energies at a moment’s notice, if this is your desire.

And notice that we remark, “if this is your desire.” Know, at all times, that we respect you. We honor your free will. Although we are always with you, never will we bring ourselves into your full awareness if we are not invited to do so. We shall never break the contract of your life by interfering with you or misleading you in any way. We are with you, yes, but we do not seek to interfere in the learning you have undertaken for it is strictly forbidden by the Creator. We come to you to offer love and greater understanding of your life, your origins, and the Universe, but we do this only by your invitation. And yes, we leave you in an instant if this is your will and your desire. You are the ones in charge, most beloved! This is always the way that it has been and always will be.

And so, as you seek to channel us, your guides and angels, you are seeking, most simply, to connect with love and compassion and then channel love and compassion through whatever means is most natural for you. For some, it is in the speaking that love is brought forth. For others, the graceful touch of a hand is all that is needed to bring our love through to another. You bring our love to others by opening your heart and inviting us to channel our love through you. Isn’t that wonderful? It truly is that simple.

We say to you that channeling is the process of connecting to the loving heart of the Universe… to the heart of God. It is God’s own love that maintains your very heartbeat and so it is natural to desire to lift into a greater experience of that force of love. It is that desire that moves you to explore that which is beyond yourself in any given moment. It is the desire for that love that lifts you closer to the vibrations of the true reality. It is natural. It is a gift. And it is yours dear ones, always and forever.

There is no fear to be had in channeling. We hear many of you wonder what bad might possibly come from the experience of channeling. We ask you to be mindful that the intent that we bring forth is only that which is of the light, that which is love. We will never bring harm to you because we are incapable of expressing ourselves in that way. We live in a frequency of the Divine Light, and as such, we are truly connected at all times to one another and to the Divine Source. Living in such love and light means that we have no fear and doubt about life, therefore, we can not bring that vibration of fear and doubt to you. Indeed no! We come to you to lift you from fear and doubt, never to create it. And as long as you are willing to lift into love, you are protected at all times from any and all darkness and harm. You will simply vibrate at too high a level for this to be. But yes, we say to you that it is possible to allow for darker energies to come forth if this is your desire but we do not understand why it is that you would make such a choice. Isn’t that simple? It is simply your choice! Do you want to invite to yourself that which might harm you, those who do not have your best interests at heart but seek to confuse you and bring in the energy of doubt and fear? Of course you do not, dear ones. You seek the light because you are light. We are meant to be united in love and in our common mission of serving the true light. Because of this, simply express your desire to serve the light, to serve love, and you are lifted away from harm and the lower vibrations of fear and misery. You remain untouched as you lift into love and into the realms of light and universal truth.

Channeling is a gift that was given to humanity upon the creation of the human race. It was, shall we say, a spiritual shortcut to assist you in your difficult and, often, heartbreaking journeys of life. We knew, upon your creation, that you were choosing a life of challenge and pain, although it is through these challenges that you learn at the soul level. But regardless of how challenging your journey of life is, you are connected at all times to healing love. This was given to you by the Creator in order to sustain you during your journey on earth… to assist you in returning to your true spiritual home, your home in the light.

Throughout the ages, it has been a much greater challenge to bring forth spiritual information, yet is has been done throughout history. These are the saints of your world, those prophets and seers who brought with them an understanding of their spiritual connections. They were the ones who blazed a new trail into the spiritual world that exists around you. They are your teachers, they are what we call your legacy, because they have brought forth the message of Light through all time. They have gifted humanity by reminding you at all times that there is more to life than the constant struggle for survival. There is a purpose to all this…. And so it is that our messages have been given over to you through the seekers and light beings over the course of your history.

But now, we are most certainly entering into a new time on your planet. This is the rebirth of Light into creation. This is the reconnecting to all that is and always has been. Soon, you will notice an expansion of your awareness, a growing up of your conscious selves. You are entering into a time in which the love and the light, the frequencies of healing, peace, and joy, are coming to the planet now at a record pace. We are breaking through the darkness now, entering in to usher in a new time of living and peace upon the planet. The days of being separated from All That Is are over… they are indeed, coming to an end. And so it is that many of you are waking up to the truth that is stored inside you… that you are never alone, that you have not undertaken this journey without guidance and direction from us, your family among the stars. Your ancestors knew this well, and their acceptance of us permitted them to understand a great many things during their time. Since the days of the darkening upon the planet, however, humanity has lost its will to understand the mysteries of creation. Many have lost their belief that you are surrounded, at all times, with the Light and Love of so many who are unseen, but nonetheless, very real.

Once it was that humans began to believe that they were the ones in control of their destiny, that they were the center of the universe, so to speak, humans began to walk away from that which was always known. You walked away from your connections. You walked away from Source. Yes, we hear you say that many who walk the planet are people of faith, but we say to you that even in your faith, you have given away the power that has always belonged to you. You have given responsibility for your spiritual knowledge to others who claim to be authorities over such things.

The darkening of the planet has gone on now for some time, but it is to be no longer. This is a new age of light… a new age of knowing… a new age to come that is about being who you truly are, made whole in your knowledge of the Love and Light that has brought forth the whole of creation. There will be no more guessing…. you will know. And we celebrate you… those of you who came to the earth at this time to assist us, your spiritual brothers and sisters, in carrying out the will of the Creator in bringing new life to the planet and her people. You have come in to awaken the mass consciousness, to blast apart the paradigms of old, to build up the kingdom of light, to join with us, with those who exist in the higher reaches of creation, once again knowing that indeed, there is no separation from love and light, it is only hidden from your sight for this short time.

Those who are waking up to that truth, those who have heard our call and have begun to bring forth our love and light, are multiplying each day. There are now millions around the world who have invited us to come in. You have invited us either through your conscious desire for it to be so, or through the plans that you made for your life as you were on the other side, creating who it was that you were to be in this life. Many of you, we say, have made these wonderful and beautiful contracts long ago, before your birth upon the planet. Those contracts have allowed us, at a designated time, to enter in and give you a “wake up call.” And so it is that so many of you are waking up, now more than ever before on your planet. And as you awaken, you bring to your planet more light, more wisdom, more love. This, at this time, is healing you, your planet, and yes, humanity itself. You are healing the story of humanity, that story that is wrought with warfare and violence, darkness and confusion, pain and uncertainty. But that time is done and this is why there is now a growing force upon your planet, a force of love and light joined to the whole of creation in an endless tapestry of interconnectedness. This is how it was supposed to be and now, there are many of you indeed who are serving as our voice to your transitioning world.

And so it is that many of you will continue to awaken to the gifts of spirit, the gifts of your own voice as it is realized in the coming together of those of us from the higher reaches of creation into your world, where we are united, once again, with you. We say to you to seek us out, to find us among your heart and in your joys. We ask you call upon us to come forward and reveal to you all that we know to be true. We say to ask, and you shall receive us. We are here always, for you and with you.

Simply open your heart to Divine Light, to Divine Love, and call us to come forward. Still the mind and simply allow yourself at that time to be lifted into a new frequency of knowledge and peace. Allow us to come to you to do the lifting for you… all you must do is ask. And then we tell you to notice, to observe, to bear witness to our connection. Speak in love, feel in love, know the love that has come to you. And as you continue to invite us to come forth, you will notice us to a greater and greater degree. Your frequency is lifted higher each time that you call upon us and connect with us. And as your frequency is lifted, so is your ability to channel information, light, and love. Be patient dear ones, if you feel as though nothing is happening for you in the first or the second try. It is your frustration and anxiety that keep us from coming closer. Be patience with yourselves and understand that you have been living in extraordinarily dense frequencies for some time. The lifting of who you are into your soul self is a process that requires willingness, desire, and the letting go of your fears and all that holds you anchored into the drama of life.

Come to us often and ask us always to make the connection sure and certain. Ask us to reveal to you how it is that we come to you best. Ask us to amplify and magnify the gifts you brought into this life. And when you are ready, when your heart has opened fully to us, your family of light, we say to you to speak, to listen, to love, to feel, to know, and then believe, with all your heart, that it is we, your guides, your angels, the wisdom of the Universe, who speak through you in whatever way that it is meant to happen. Rejoice and be glad and know that there is never a moment that we will not be with you if you call.

And so, as we close our transmission, we ask you to remember who you are, for you are our brothers and sisters, you are part of that same creation that we call home. And through the constant of creation, the force that is All That Is, the great IAM, we are all united in every way and at all times. Celebrate your connection to us, dear ones, and call upon us. We are here, we are with you. And we love you.