About Orion & William

Orion first came to William a number of years ago, making his presence known visably and audibly to William during a Qi energy activation. Orion is a non-physical spiritual consciousness who comes to us with a collective consciousness of light-beings who are here to help us, guide us, protect us, and lift us into new and higher frequencies of awareness and spiritual enlightenment. He is here to remind us of who we truly are and empower our journey into the Light of the Ascension.

Orion cares deeply about humanity and the soul of the planet. Often, his love may be tangibly felt by those who come to William to speak with Orion and hear all that he has to share with us. Although Orion has never incarnated into life on earth, he has assumed great responsibility for teaching us and leading us into the new world that is to come. His message is really quite simple… Love is all that is real. Love is all that exists. He works constantly through a number of intuitive channels to lift us into the Love of Spirit and transform us into the people we were born to be… People of the Heart. In fact, Orion often tells us that we are moving away from being “people of the mind” and becoming “people of the heart” as we ascend into the spiritual consciousness that brings us closer into the knowledge and wisdom of who we are and why we are here. He has lovingly remarked that we are now, finally returning to the very heart of God’s love.

Orion has revealed himself only twice to William over the years. His presence is one of light and extraordinary love. Within his brilliant lightbody is an enormous heart center that beats brilliantly with glistening pink light. Orion has told William that the love that he sends to us comes as a gleaming pink ray of light energy that glows brighter than the sun. To be in the presence of Orion’s grace-filled presence and unconditional love is a unique and very special blessing.

The time of our awakening is now, and Orion has come to us to share this message of love, hope, and healing as we transform into People of the Heart. And so it is!



  • Qi Energy Healing Therapist
  • Orion Channel and Spiritual Intuitive
  • Teacher, Musician, & Clinican


Located in Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona

One might say that William was a somewhat hesitant channel. Although he has spent a lifetime in spiritual study and had many experiences with channeling his spiritual guides at an early age, he moved away from those experiences as he began his lively and successful career as a concert musician and conductor.

It was a number of years ago, during an Qi energy activation, that Orion first spoke audibly to William . Near the beginning of the 90 minute lightbody activation, William clearly heard a voice that spoke to him, saying, “Greetings Beloved. We love you. We are Orion.” Thus began the relationship between this loving being of light and his newest chosen channel, William.

Even after this unexpected introduction William was cautious about making it known that he was being called upon to be a spiritual channel for others. At the time that Orion first appeared to him, William was spending his time in intensive study of energy medicine and Qi healing while opening a full-time practice for natural healing and spirituality. His studies in holistic healing were a fitting compliment to a lifetime of spiritual study, which included several years of education in theology and world religion. Truly, it had not occurred to him that he would be offering spiritual readings to others.

But Orion beckoned… patiently.

Following the establishment of his healing practice in North Phoenix, William was invited to begin working in Sedona as well as Phoenix. It was in Sedona that he met, and began working with, international healers and intuitive channels, Brian and Crystal Schider. Brian and Crystal were to be a tremendous influence in encouraging William to begin work with Orion and his guides in earnest and, as a result, William began to offer spiritual readings with Orion to those seeking to gain greater understanding of the spiritual nature of the Universe.  Orion had been waiting for this moment… and once William began to offer Orion’s love and guidance to others, the doors opened wide.

William regularly offers private readings for clients in Phoenix, and in Sedona, Arizona. He also provides channeled, intuitive readings by phone to clients from all over the United States and Canada and is quickly becoming known for his unique and personal style of channeling and the accuracy of his readings. It has been his honor and delight to offer Orion’s love and wisdom to all who come to him looking for hope, love, peace, and answers about their life and spiritual nature. In addition to channeling Orion, his primary teaching guide, William is grateful to receive The Elohim, The Hathors, and Archangel Michael as a part of his “spiritual team.” He remains grateful, not only to his team of Light, but to his beloved teachers, Betsy-Morgan Coffman, Brian & Crystal Schider, and Marilyn Banks.

William works from his healing office full-time and is available for healing sessions, spiritual readings, and spiritual life development in Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. William is also a skilled and passionate instructor, regularly offering classes in healing methods, spirituality, and spiritual practices such as Meditation, Channeling, Qigong, and Yoga. He continues to perform as a musician in venues throughout the country. As a composer, he has produced a number of recordings of healing music, meditation, and classical performances.

But even with his busy schedule of readings and healings, Orion has told William that far more is to come! This blog, and the website, http://www.orionspeaks.com, is the beginning of the new path that William is walking with his trusted friend and teacher, Orion.

To book an appointment with William for a healing session or a spiritual reading,
please contact him at:

william@orionspeaks.com or 480.363.4780


Healing Sessions:
$65.00 for one hour

Spiritual Readings (in person or by telephone):
$50.00 for 30 minutes
$75.00 for 60 minutes
*an MP3 of your reading may be emailed to you for an additional $5.00
*phone and email readings must be prepaid

Consultations, Instruction, Appearances:
Please contact William for information.

Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, and Cash accepted. By appointment only.


About William’s connection to Orion… In Orion’s words!

Orion speaks now of the connection to William and why it is that he chose to come to William as a channel for the Orion energies…

(William) My brother and teacher, why is it that you chose me to be a channel for you? I was not expecting your entry, although I am most thankful for it. I thought it might be interesting for others to know why it is that you came to me as you did. Would you mind sharing this?

(Orion) It is our joy to speak about this. Indeed, we chose William for a definite purpose with a definite reason in mind. We came to him because he is closely aligned, spiritual speaking, with the mission for which we have come – the Ascension, Universal Love and Compassion, and the recognition that all of you are beings of Light, connected at all times to the Divine Grace of the Creator Spirit. After a difficult time in his journey that served to opened his heart even more, William was willing to hear us, and thus we spoke.

(William) Can you share more of the process of how I came to be with you in this moment, from the place that I was several years ago?

(Orion) It was not just in that moment that we first came to William. We have been coming to him for many years, indeed, from his earliest childhood. William came into this life, as most have, with a definite mission… a purpose beyond his full understanding at the time. We have been waiting, watching him as he went about his life. We were waiting for the perfected time to come that we would reveal ourselves to him.

The workings of the Universe have held little mystery for William as he came into this world with much of that knowledge intact. In his heart and within the wisdom of his higher-self mind, it was understood that he would be a partner with us, helping us to bring into reality that which he knew already at the soul level – there is no separation, no parting from the light and grace of the Universal Heart.

It was necessary some time ago that we give William a “nudge” to move him along the spiritual path he was meant to follow. His life was quite full and busy with a musical career that was actually enhanced by his abilities to channel higher energies. The “nudge” he received from us would allow for the full awakening of what it was that he was to be doing in this life. This, we know, caused him pain and grief because it meant a complete reassessment of what his work in life was meant to be. But it came to pass that this was necessary for him to return to the mission of his soul contract and assume the work that was to be done. In short, we encouraged him to remember all that he came into this life to do and to be! To remember beyond his awareness at that time.

This urging from us caused William to begin releasing many lifetimes of pain that was held within his consciousness and even his physical body. This was necessary to make room for the Love and the higher frequencies that he would  experience through our connection. Through this lifting, this healing, it was made right and possible that William could achieve a connection to us and receive all that we were wishing to share in a much greater and far more powerful way. In order for him to begin healing others, he had to be healed himself! And so it was. We made space within his heart to accept us as we knew that he would. William had to withstand a “shattering” of the ego mind that kept him caught in the whirlwind of survival – he was doing that which no longer held much satisfaction. Therefore, we showed him a different way, the way that he had truly chosen so long ago, before his birth on this planet.

We say to you that William was born a natural channel. This was most widely known by us through the gifts he has as a musician as we say that he was able to channel energy and frequency in a most unique way. When he activated his higher consciousness and the connection to All That Is through the execution of his music, it was not the music alone that William was playing – it was Love channeled through the tones and sounds. We, among the stars, came to be very close to him when he was in that creative channeling consciousness. But it was that we had to find a way to remind him that, even in this way, he was a spiritual channel and healer, and music was not meant to be the only way that he channeled spiritual energy, yet is but one of the unique tools through which he channels.

Our son and brother is a person of the heart… one who loves deeply and naturally. This has made our coming to him far easier as it is through the heart that we connect to all of you. So it is that he was chosen, as many others have been and are being chosen because they themselves chose this connection through their capacity to love, to be loving. It is indeed, a heart choice. Through him, we are here to remind you to let your light shine on others so that our light might shine on everyone possible. And in that sharing of this shining light is the greatest Light and Love of all… the Light of the One who created us all and holds us within an immeasurable love that is beyond all understanding. And so it is!


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