About This Blog

Orion Speaks – The Orion Channelings, was created at the urging of Orion himself, a teacher guide from a high dimension of spiritual consciousness.

As we and our planet enter into the time of Spiritual Ascension, Orion tells us that we must awaken to our True Nature, to whom it is that we truly are. And he is here to help – to heal us, to lift our frequency, to connect us to our spiritual guides, and to prepare us for all that is to come in the new reality that will be the Ascended Earth.

Through his channel, William, Orion is offering messages of great love to all who feel called into a greater understanding of our spiritual nature and understand that we are drawing ever near to the Universal Truth and Light.

Several times each month, Orion will offer a channeled message in topics ranging from:

  • The Ascension
  • Earth Changes
  • the Nature of God
  • Your Guides and Angels
  • How to Channel Your Guides and Angels
  • Healing and Lifting
  • Your Light Body
  • and more…

These transmissions will be available here and on our website at www.orionspeaks.com.


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