Events with Orion

Regular ORION SPEAKS EVENTS include informal gatherings in which William channels Orion for guests and friends who wish to be in the company of this beautiful and loving Spirit Teacher. At most of the Orion Speaks Gatherings, participants are given the opportunity to ask questions of Orion and are offered a time of meditation and healing led by Orion himself.

In addition to the informal Orion Speaks Gatherings, William also hosts unique events in which he channels the messages of Orion and then brings in the energy and music of the Hathors for an evening of channeling, spiritual music improvisation, meditation, and healing. William is a channel for the Hathor energies, who often appear to William through music and sound. Whether at the piano or the Crystal Singing Bowls, these events are a peaceful, loving and beautiful way to connect to the guides and angels around us.

All events include a cleansing, lifting, and healing with Orion and the Angels of Healing.


New events will be scheduled soon! Subscribe to our web mailing list at to be notified of Orion Speaks events and receive a FREE 20 minute MP3 message and healing from Orion.


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