Spiritual Readings


$50.00 (in person or telephone)

$75.00 (in person or telephone)

Audio CD of Your Reading (in person only)
$10.00 (mailed to you)

A reading with Orion and your guides is a very special experience. Clients often report feeling a lightness and tremendous love that comes from Orion and your guides. Additionally, some clients actually begin hearing and feeling their guides during a reading with William Elias! To be in the presence of such amazing love is a wonderful thing to experience. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

What is a spiritual reading like? William begins with a short prayer of protection, healing, and cleansing and then invites Orion and his guides to come forward and connect with him. During this time, William will also connect directly with your heart center. As such, you will be asked to move into your heart and focus on the feelings of love. Once William is connected to his guides, Orion will often offer a message of peace, welcome, and love to you, after which you will be invited to ask the questions you have for Orion and your guides. At the end of the reading, Orion will perform a cleansing and balancing for all involved. Come to your reading with an open heart, and open mind, and be prepared to experience the highest love from your guides and angels.

What questions should I ask? You are free to ask about anything that you like! But as Orion reminds us… the more detailed the question, the more detailed the answer. Please be prepared to ask specific questions and avoid inquiries as open-ended as, “Tell me about my life” or “Tell me what happened when I was four years old.”

You may ask about your life and life path, relationships, finances, family members, career, spirituality, people who have passed on, and such things as the Nature of God. You can also ask about your guides! Your guides and angels long to be near you and for you to know them. Please note that if you ask about your health, William will only read your energy body – he is not a medical intuitive and does not offer diagnosis or recommend treatment or supplements of any kind. If you are unsure of questions to ask, William will assist you.

Can I have a recording of my reading? In person only… William records all channeled sessions that occur at his office and in person. He is happy to transfer your recording to an audio CD and mail it to you for an additional $10.00.

How Do I Schedule a Reading? All readings are by appointment. You may email William at william@orionspeaks.com or call him at 480.363.4780 to schedule a reading. Please note that telephone readings must be paid in advance.

Do you accept credit and debit cards? Absolutely! We have a credit card swiper in our office for safe and secure transactions. If you are paying for a phone reading and do not live locally, you will be directed to our website for a secure online credit card payment. We also accept cash and personal checks.

How many times can I come for a reading? As many as you like! Many of William’s clients return for a number of readings. There are no “rules” regarding how many times that you wish to connect with your guides. They love being with you and are always ready to share their love and wisdom with you.

Does William channel any other guides? Yes, William is thankful and blessed to have a loving connection with several other spiritual beings. In addition to Orion, William is a channel for The Elohim Energies (Aeolah, Daktani, Lazuri), the Hathors (El’ahim, Aktunata), Archangel Michael, and his personal life guides, Nikka and He’opoene. His team of light continues to grow!


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